Skid packages

We serve customers across industries such as: oil and gas (upstream and downstream); nuclear; ship fuel and oil systems; test or flushing rigs.

There are several benefits to opting for skid-based packages, focusing on their convenience in any large-scale operation:

  • Portability – our skid systems are designed for easy transportation and positioning on site.
  • Footprint – skid systems are created for the purpose of reducing hassle on site, and that includes the area taken up by more conventional layouts. We layer and stack our systems to save space.
  • Quality control – with pre-set locations for connections in line with the customer’s spec, our skids are assembled in controlled conditions away from your site.
  • FAT testing – factory acceptance testing (FAT) occurs offsite before delivery to speed up your processes.

Our skid packages include solutions for:

  • Filtration systems
  • Separation systems
  • Subsea equipment (such as PLEMs, PLETs and manifolds)
  • Test and flushing systems
  • Pig launcher receiver systems

We have ambitious plans to increase our capabilities and develop our skid package offerings via strategic investment. As part of the Great British Valve Group we are dedicated to innovation and our product development will reflect this.