Innovative engineering design

We’ll work with your piping and instrumentation diagrams to apply our engineering nous, designing the most robust and effective approach to plant layout that meets your project goals in a manner that’s cost-effective, timely and innovative.

Versatile design and build

Our skid packages vary in terms of type, complexity, size and use. We can offer standard packages for various applications in addition to bespoke systems created to suit our customers’ any requirement.

Product performance

When you spec a skid-based system, you’ll tell us about the performance requirements you expect to get out of it once it’s installed. It’s our duty to ensure we meet or exceed these requirements.


We have excellent, fully-qualified fabricators on site assembling bespoke or ‘standard’ skid packages for numerous applications. Our process includes painting or galvanising, polishing and installing insulation as required.


We are able to undertake offsite testing of the completed skid package before delivering it to your site, so you know that any issues will have been ironed out in advance.