HVG Techno – we design, build and supply state-of-the-art modular process skids for clients in a variety of industries, calling upon our expertise in the field of valve engineering.

HVG Techno was formed by valve specialists within the world-renowned Hobbs Valve company, famous for its innovative triple offset butterfly valves. We feel this expertise is especially relevant as many skid-based packages feature valves as a major actuated component – with HVG Techno the whole system is our specialism!

Our team

We’ve assembled a group of experts from the oil and gas industry – upstream (including subsea), mid-stream and down-stream areas – plus many other industries such as renewable energy, nuclear, military and ship systems.

Valve heritage

We’re part of the Great British Valve Group and our business was founded by members of Hobbs Valve, giving us unparalleled experience in one of the core aspects of most
skid systems – valves.